I Love You Lord

This post about being in love with the Lord was provided by the Prayer For Youth website. They provide daily youth devotionals through an email subscription.

I am a worship leader and often times while leading people in worship, I will tell Jesus something like this. “I love you Jesus, more than anything. I love you Lord. Jesus, you are my everything. Nothing is as beautiful as you Lord.” When I say these things, I mean it with all of my heart. Examine yourself today, is Jesus your everything? Can you praise him with ALL of your heart or are there other things that are more important than Jesus in your heart?

Palsm 9:1

I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart;

Today spend time with the Lord telling him how much you love him. Also, read a chapter of the bible, listen to worship music and pray. These are great ways to express love to the Lord.

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When We Fall in Love With Jesus

When we really meet with the living God and fall in love with Jesus we will spend eternity in heaven clapping, shouting, bowing and worshiping God through all eternity.

When we fall deeply in love with the Jesus our expressions toward our God will effortlessly flow toward Him from within us. We will clap vicariously, shout ecstatically and boldly proclaim his majesty without being ashamed of the gospel of Christ. When you truly experience who God is and how great he is, this outward expression of worship and adoration will become a witness to the love of God that is in your heart. God is wonderfully great and there is non other that surpasses the faithfulness he demonstrates toward His children.

Psa 47:1-2

Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy. How awesome is the LORD Most High, the great King over all the earth!

Daily Bible Devotional

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How Much God Loves Us

I have experienced how much that God loves me in a very real way. In fact, no one has ever cared for me or been as dedicated to remaining with me like him. He is the most faithful of all. red How Much God Loves Us

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