God’s House Being a Place of Prayer

We gather together in the church, the house of God. When I go to church, I seek to find an intimate place to just focus on the Lord. I try to accomplish this wherever it is that I decided to sit that day. I will often close my eyes my eyes, block everyone else out and just zone in on the Lord. I pour my heart out to Him and he listens. Oftentimes, he talks to me as well. I also call my house where I live, my fathers’ house of prayer, and daily I pray there.

Matt 21:13

And said unto them, it is written, my house shall be called the house of prayer;

There are many things that transpire during a church service. In the midst of all the stuff, we have a beautiful opportunity to set all of the cares of the world to the side and just pray. Seriously consider our scripture the next time you spend a couple of hours in God’s house of prayer.