Lift Jesus Higher in a Meek Way

We should continually be searching for an opportunity to give Jesus the glory for things in our lives. If we can be teachable and learn how to do this in meek ways throughout various moments of our days, the Holy Spirit can start revealing to many around us who the Lord Jesus is through our lives.

There are moments when we are to boldly preach the reality of Christ to others and yell it from the housetops. I believe that we are to be prepaired IN season and OUT to share with others about our best friend, Lord and Savior-Jesus Christ.

John 12:32
“But I, when I (Jesus) am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself.”

To lift Jesus higher in meek ways is like moving up a ladder one rung at a time. Here’s the spiritual key: you only take an occasional step higher on the ladder with those whom you interact with on a daily basis. In time, the large amount of steps on the ladder you have taken will bring you to the destination of lifting the name of Jesus high for all to see. During all of those slow and gentle movements, the Lord will be drawing men to himself through the Holy Spirit and because of your obedience and willingness to be a witness for him.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you lift the name of Jesus up in this manner. If you do this, I believe that He will begin to speak words from heaven directly to you. Your conversations with friends and family will occasionally be seasoned with the salt of the earth and Jesus will be seen as the light of the world.