Sharing a Testimony to Win The Lost

Can sharing a testimony about God win the lost?

I like to just call my testimonies God stories.

These are non-coincidental super natural things that happen throughout our days as believers in Christ. Some are giant miraculous events… like visitations from angels… and others can be minute things that only our Lord could have made happen. I like to share them as general conversations to allow for them to occasionally fit in.

A very close friend of mine the other day expressed to me that I was very instrumental in helping her relationship with God to be revived. Through the course of a few months after we met one another, every now and then I would share a “God story.” On a few occasions, I made references to the word of God while we were conversing. Little did I know that this lady was being drawn to the Jesus through my periodic witnessing about the wonderful things God was doing in my life.

2 Timothy 1:8
So do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord.

That was about fours years ago and she is now wants all that God has for her. She told me that if I had boldly started witnessing to her with Holy Roller type preaching that she would have shut me out of her life and not been open to the Lord through me.

She did tell me that the awesome stories I would tell her about things that only the Lord Jesus could have done caused her to thirst for the same type of relationship with him. Every time I would share a little something from the Bible she would go home and look up the scriptures and study.

It was my testifying of the Lord that drew her back into a right relationship with Jesus. Tell the world, give your testimony and win the lost for the kingdom of heaven. Look for opportunities to share about the things that God is doing in your l;ife.