Sings and Wonders of God

The bible mentions miracles, signs and wonders often . All through the new and old testament writings we read stories of super natural things that only the Lord could have caused to happen.

In order to tell of God’s wonders we must experience God in the realm of wonders. I once heard a preacher ask the congregation “what is a wonder” he then said, “It is something that makes you wonder.” I have had experiences with the Lord that were so real yet they made me wonder. I remember one time I accidentally slammed a car door on my daughters arm, she was just two at the time, I didn’t realize she was sneaking in the car behind me. The door bounced back and she was untouched by it, when it should have slammed on her arm, no crying no marks not even a peep of a sound. I have since “wondered” if that was an angel.”

Palsm 9:1
I will tell of your wonders.

Consider telling someone about the awesome things that God has done in your life. He reveals himself in great and small ways. Both tell of his reality and will help convince even skeptics that there is a living God who loves us.