Understanding the Keys to God’s Kingdom

For years I had heard that the “keys” of God’s kingdom were for binding and loosing things in the earth. For instance, I was taught that through prayer evil spirits could be bound and also heavenly things can be loosed.

I had a hard time understanding these principles the way they were presented in relation to the actual scripture, So, one day I just said; “God please reveal to me what this scripture means.” What follows is what I believe the Lord showed me in relation to how the scripture applies to my own life. Perhaps you will find the truth of God’s word as well.

Matthew 16:19
I (Jesus) will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; “whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

God has gifted each of us with talents that were intended to be used for His glory. Has he given you an assignment to carry out? Has he handed you something from heaven such as the ability to write poetry or songs? Maybe God has given you a personality that makes it easy for others to talk to you because they know they can trust you. Perhaps you are good at teaching others, or you play a musical instrument well. God has given each of us some type of gift to be used for His glory. If we do not share our talents with others, then we have “bound” the gift on earth and heaven cannot flow through it. Now, if we use the gift God has given to us or we “loose it” on earth, then all of heaven can be loosed to touch people through the gift. It works is like a faucet. The water has no effect until the faucet is turned on, then the water is loosed. As long as it is shut off it is bound. It’s the same in the spiritual realm. We are like faucets linked to heaven and heaven is full of living water, ready to supply the earth, but we must make the effort to turn on the faucet so heaven can flow.

Now, please understand that in no way am I saying that the way I was originally taught to view this scripture is not truth. God’s words apply to many different situations in various ways. My views expressed here in this devotion on understanding the keys of God’s kingdom were personally revealed to me, so, I have applied the principles to my own life. For my life this was revelation that compelled me to do more with what God had entrusted me with. You can take what you like from my observations and leave the rest.